Head of Customer Success · Full time
June 2021 – currently working here

– Spearheaded the redesign of the onboarding process, resulting in a 20% increase in customer engagement

– Developed and implemented upsell and retention strategies that tripled the MRR expansion in 1 year and increased the yearly NRR by 8%.

Optimized support operations, leading to a 10% reduction in customer support tickets and improved by 6 points the Customer Support CSAT.

Forged strong partnerships between CS, Sales, and Product teams, ensuring a seamless customer experience for all clients.

– Build a Team of 20+ talents

Manager of Customer Support

Oval Money LTD · Fulltime
oct 2020 – may 2021

Customer Experience KPIs: I set KPIs aligned with the Company goals and in order to deliver a high-level Customer Support Experience to users

CRM & Digital Marketing Automation Expert: I build marketing automation processes with the aim to impact positively KPIs related to acquire (CAC, LTV) and retain (Churn rate) customers.

Team leading: I hired, trained and managed more than 10 skilled and motivated Customer Success specialists

Relationship Manager with Third Parties: I was in charge to develop beneficial relationships and processes with Product Owners and this party services with the aim to impact Company KPIs positively.

Customer Experience Manager, Italy

MioDottore · Fulltime
Feb 2018 – Sep 2020

→ Created and implemented CRM/Marketing processes to generate customer engagement (SaaS engagement) and new revenue streams

→ Planned and implemented a successful Content Marketing Strategy to increase customer engagement and marketing qualified leads

→ Written persuasive and effective sales pitch

→ Delivered digital content marketing campaigns in order to generate more engagement and upsell

→ Implemented processes and tools to measure and improve Customer Experience KPIs

Customer Experience Specialist (Global)

MioDottore · Fulltime
Mar 2017 – Feb 2018

→ Developed a Digital Content Strategy and Referral Programs for Lead Generation and Customer Experience

→ Managed operations via CRM & Marketing automation for Lead Generation and Customer Experience

→ Developed Customer Health Score

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