Confidence through clarity: The Power of Assertiveness

being assertive

What is the meaning of “assertivity”

Assertiveness is the ability to express your thoughts directly and clearly, while also projecting self-confidence. It allows you to communicate effectively and be perceived as a serious and respectful professional.

In essence, an assertive person walks the middle ground between passiveness and aggressiveness.

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Tips and tricks from the expert to be more assertive

1. Use hands gestures

Several scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of specific hand gestures in conveying trust and reassurance. Some of the most well-known gestures include:

  • The Box
  • Holding the Ball
  • The Steeple

For more, read this post of Rosemay Ravinal.

2. Eliminate words that convey uncertainty

Replacing words that imply hesitation is a key factor in becoming more assertive. Here are some examples of how to swap uncertain language for assertive alternatives:

  • I think it will help → I believe it will help
  • I just need to double-check → I want to check
  • We could try to… → We will try…
  • The only thing is… → The thing is…

3. Minimize insecurity cues

Fidgeting or touching yourself repeatedly can transmit nervousness or discomfort. If you want to appear assertive, it’s important to minimize these types of unconscious gestures during discussions.

Conclusion: challenge yourself!

Developing clear communication and gaining respect goes hand-in-hand with challenging your weaknesses and gradually becoming more assertive.

Assertiveness isn’t something you’re born with: everyone has areas for improvement. The journey of overcoming instinctive gestures, words, and touches that reveal your emotional state can be long, but with practice, you can achieve significant progress. After all, I can now handle tough discussions without touching my beard – except, maybe, when my wife gets angry!

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