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Why I Question the Term “Expert”

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of our world, I find it increasingly difficult to believe in the pinnacle of knowledge.

Especially in the tech industry, where innovation is at its zenith, things change so rapidly that by the time you label yourself an “expert”, the subject matter may have already undergone a radical transformation.

In light of this dynamic reality, the label “expert” strikes me as an ill-fitting descriptor. When I encounter LinkedIn profiles adorned with this self-proclaimed title, it often comes across as self-aggrandizing or even arrogant.

However, I acknowledge that such claims are not always driven by ego inflation. In some cases, individuals may use the term “expert” to convey their confidence, abilities, and experience.

Yet, true experts are a different breed altogether. They are often humble individuals, hesitant to label themselves as such. Their humility stems from a deep understanding that there is always more to learn, an endless frontier of knowledge to explore. This openness to learning is an essential quality for anyone aspiring to true expertise in any field.

In conclusion, I would be wary of adding to my team a professional who readily claims the title of “expert.”

The real experts I have encountered are those who are open to challenging their ideas, always receptive to feedback, even from those with less experience, and humble enough to admit that they don’t have all the answers.

If you aspire to build a team of overachievers, don’t seek out self-proclaimed “experts.” Instead, focus on individuals with expertise in your industry, coupled with an unwavering belief in your project. Seek out the romantics, the pirates, those so driven to become the best versions of themselves that the notion of adding “expert” to their LinkedIn bio seems utterly meaningless.

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