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Learnings on Customer Success and Leadership

Customer Success: The Long Game

Making your customers successful can sometimes involve tackling imperfections in their own processes. Lack of communication between stakeholders and overly complex workflows are just some of the hurdles a customer success rep might encounter when implementing a product and ensuring customer adoption.

Initially, it’s natural for some team members to feel apprehensive about offering advices beyond the product itself. This is especially true early on, when industry knowledge and expertise for a well-rounded consultation may not be there yet.

However, over time, the Customer Success Managers (with the guidance of their lead) should develop the confidence and knowledge to provide holistic consulting. This not only involves optimizing product usage and results, but also highlighting areas within the customer’s processes that could be improved to maximize return on investment (ROI) from the product.

It’s a challenging but necessary endeavor for achieving outstanding results. That’s why I believe customer success is a long-term commitment, not a good fit for those who frequently change jobs or lack even a minimal interest in the industry they serve.

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